A Bigtopmania festival children’s area

A festival within a festival!

Anyone that follows our movements on Facebook or has seen us at all manner of events around the country will know that a large portion of our summer season is spent supply festival children’s area’s to some lovely events across the UK festival circuit.

A festival children’s area the whole family can enjoy!

We want to create a fun filled area that keeps the kids amused of course. However we aim to create a beautiful space that has a little bit of something for everyone. The idea being that families can play together and not feel like their away from the rest of the festival. A circus show that wows even the most seasoned festival goer but mesmerises the kids at the same time. Gran can bounce on a mega ball and dad can ride a crazy bike. Read on to find out what your options are when booking a Bigtopmania area.

What the public said…

A colourful festival children’s area landscape created by us. 

We are also  big top hire company with a huge amount of own equipment, meaning the majority of the time we supply our own big tops as venues for the shows, craft activities and workshops. This allows us to plan out the area and means festival organisers aren’t having to communicate with multiple suppliers to create one area. Sit back and let us build it beautiful, or indeed as with Camp Bestival give us your creative input to guide us in order to get every little detail just as you picture it. The point stands though that, if we are working in the area, it makes sense that we create the space as much as possible because we know which activities need what space.

festival children's area big tops camp bestival craft tent

Let us handle it, we’ve done this before

For you as festival organisers, you have lots on your plate.  All we usually require is our designated area, a power supply and lots of festival goers to entertain. From then on it’s showtime!

What do you get with a Bigtopmania Festival Children’s Area?

Lots!  Heres a sample small package at the Lets Rock events.

Activities and Shows – Generally we program shows in our Big top throughout the day and activities spilling out of the tent and around it to create a wonderfully chaotic and immersive little people party zone.

Bigtopmania kid's area at Forgotten Fields

The vast majority of our activities are brought and managed by us. We never charge for any of our activities and try to keep the kids area as a money free zone. We bring to the table;

Mega Balls – Upto a 10 foot Giant Beach Ball, 5” Earth Balls and lots of different sized giant bouncy balls that children (and adults) can wobble, wiggle, bounce and balance on.

An amazing photo opportunity and fantastic fun.

festival kids entertainment family friendly festival

Interactive InflatablesThese are hard to describe in words. They are crazy shaped alien creations which kids can bundle on, run around, climb up. They have often been mentioned as children’s favourite thing at Camp Bestival, which is really saying something.

Crazy Bikes – A huge range of wacky bikes awaits your punters. Wobbly bikes, unrideable ones, unicycles and tricycles, time to try cycling in the wackiest of ways.

crazy bike festival activities festival kids areas

Circus workshop but better! – All the usual juggling, hula hoops, plate spinning and diabolos, plus Slacklines, Tightwires, Acrobatic, and Aerial workshops in TRAPEZE and Aerial hoop – a super popular festival favourite!

Toddler Area – babies and toddlers need a space to kick back when they’ve done too much dancing. A cute little space with a vast selection of cuddly toys, sand pits, trains, puppets, and sometimes even nappy changing facilities.

Etc Etc Etc … Lots and lots of bubbles, walkabout performances, african drumming, catapult water balloons, 5 aside football, volley ball, sock wrestling. The only limit is how much space you can give us!

festival kids entertainment festival kids areas

Shows galore that’ll make you want more

Every festival children’s area includes our resident Bigtopmania Family Show. Which usually includes 3 members of the Bigtopmania family and is usually bolstered by our good friends, fellow professionals as well as a few talented teens to create a fun filled action packed, big tricks in small tent impact thats the perfect first circus experience or equally enjoyable for circus enthusiasts.

bigtopmania circus show festival

There will almost always be the legendary Kids Talent Show which can throw up some wonderful moments that you really have to be there to enjoy but it is generally wonderful Sunday afternoon watching. You can also expect to enjoy Big Bears Big Balloon Disco!

Huge tunes and bigger balloons. You show us your dance moves and if you’re working hard enough we will unleash hundreds of balloons that bounce around the big top. Hold onto your children, they might burst with excitement.

Other shows depend on the festival but we often program a mix of interactive theatre shows, clowns, musicians, puppet shows and storytellers. All of whom we have been working with for many years.

aerial circus performancefestival children's circus showcircus festival showcircus performance in festival

Lets get crafty!

The advantage of working at festivals for so long is that you get to know the most wonderful mix of creatives. People that are silly enough to think of an idea and make it into a workshop. Like Festival Sticker Art and Bottle Top creations, just two of our teams that create fantastic take homes for free out of waste materials such as sticker off-cuts and a winters worth of collecting plastic bottle tops.

festival arts and crafts workshops festival-craft-team

Festival season is just one winter away!

We do already have a very full festival schedule  but… there are a couple of gaps on key weekends where we could squeeze in something extra, and we are always keen to here about the new events popping up.

So are you looking for a truly creative festival children’s area like this one at Forgotten Fields?

Look no further!

If you think are aiming your festival towards a family crowd then drop us a line and see what we can do for you. This post is designed as a guide of what we have done but its not extensive and who knows what we’ve got up our sleeve for next season!

Camp Bestival 2015 Bigtopmania Festival Kids Area

A Bigtopmania Festival Kids Area.

Business as usual? Camp Bestival with our huge festival kids area in the Upper Kids Garden is now in its 8th year (we’ve been there from day 1) and strives to get better and better every year. It’s one of our busiest and most full on events of the season but we absolutely love it!

We run the upper kids garden and bring together an army of like minded, fun seeking festival family members to create our lovely little festival kids area. There are various performers involved every year, this year featured Fabulous Fezheads making their Camp Bestival debut as well as stalwarts Big Foot the Clown, Bicyclettes and The Bigtopmania Family Circus Show. On top of this you have the overflowing and too popular for its own good Trapeze workshops and Big Bears Big Balloon Disco.

Trapeze & Aerial lessons at festivals Big Bear's Big Balloon Disco Mr and Mrs Big Bear fun character costumesFestival Circus shows by Bigtopmania












On a number of occasions over the weekend the Big Top was overflowing with happy punters enjoying the fantastic selection of children’s entertainment, saturday’s circus show (pictured above) in particular rivalled the crowd that Mr Tumble pulls. With booster acts from aerial hoop double act Becky and Esta as well as a doubles trapeze act from Loudini!

Spilling out of the Big Top you have the toddler space where the toddlers can kick back and chill after a late night knees up in bollywood. Beyond that the interactive inflatable mad zone where mega blob and spike are bundled and beaten by children that don’t quite know whether its a bouncy castle or a monster.

Bigtopmania festival kids areaInteractive Inflatables for fun play in Bigtopmania







In the middle of the area you could walk the tightrope, jump on a mega ball or try your hand at circus skills, or there’s the crazy bike section where you could occasionally grab a go on a ninebot (self balancing electric unicycle). Next door is the craft tent filled to the rafters with crazy creations and mums grabbing 15 minutes quiet time whilst their child wrestles with a bundle of stickers doing Sticker Art (as endorsed by Jo Wiley).

Ninebot One riding for lots of lucky children

This is a ninebot, Lucas has been fortunate enough to be loaned one to demonstrate and share the love. Get yours at speedyfeet.uk

Craft tent overflowing with festival crafts

There is so much going on at Camp Bestival and so many families just in our little bit. We don’t get a great deal of time to see the rest of it but from what we hear there’s just about anything under the sun that you might like to do with children available at Lulworth. It’s a full on family holiday wrapped up as a festival and if anyone has the secret power to book perfect weather every year, its Rob and Josie (touch wood)

Thanks a bundle to all our amazing crew for all their hard work in making it come together so well, we get loads of great feedback and its lovely to bring everyone together for 5 beautiful days each year. Bring on 2016 baby!