Lets Rock Festival Children’s Areas – mini Bigtopmania tour

We were first booked for the Lets Rock events in the summer of 2014, last year there was Cookham, Bristol, Leeds and Southampton. This year they added Exeter, London. So before festival season has really begun properly we have done 6 of these little one day 80’s festivals. I was alive for only 3 months of the 80’s and at i’ve heard that much Rick Astley this year that I might even have to Spotify him once this session is over.

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At Lets Rock we have been working in conjunction with the lovely Kindred Cafe family. Who as well as providing tasty treats and drinks, bring along a beautiful selection of traditional side stall carnival games as well as table tennis and badminton, face painting, candy floss and even the occasional graffiti demo! It means that even though at Lets Rock we are only bringing limited equipment with a small team, when teamed up with Kindred we have managed to create beautiful and jam packed  Festival Children’s Areas to entertain the families from start till finish!

kindred cafe festival fun lets rock festival kidskindred cafe festival fun

kindred cafe festival funkindred cafe carnival games

We bring along our Candy Big Top, a 9 metre round tent which at Exeter was over flowing with a ram packed crowd for Lucas’s show and even more for the children’s talent show. There’s been lots of roley poley’s, songs, hula hooping, plate spinning and some completely random sketches from imaginative kids at Bristol. 
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Festival circus

Big Balls and Bubbles, Bikes and Big Bear, Circus and Chalkboards, Toddler fun and Talent shows. We hope the many of you that have been to Lets Rock have enjoyed the non stop play and energy that we try to put into every event, no matter how hot it has been of late!

Last one is Saturday 11th July in Southampton and then its onto Penn Festival, Splendour Camp Bestival, Rewind, Rewind North, Shambala, Bestival and thats just the ones we’re doing kids areas at!