MUTA StructureSafe Training

MUTA StructureSafe Training

Bigtopmania Team 2019 all with MUTA StructureSafe training
Bigtopmania’s main marquee install team 2019

We train our staff with MUTA StructureSafe Training!

Continual CPD is important for our safety culture and our staff development.

We aim for the safety and best working practices but we are human so accidents can happen despite all precautions. Pray nothing serious ever happens!

MUTA StructureSafe Training.

You want to know that we are competent to do our marquee or circus installation work.

Our core team have done the MUTA StructureSafe Training full day course and everyone has done  StructureSafe online course.

These courses instruct on the essentials of health and safety and are specific to the marquee work we do;  planning,  loading, installing, monitoring, collecting, unloading.

Our certificates are below.


We have also variously done Electrical training courses ( electrical event planning, Electrical Pat Testing, BS7909 Temporary Electrical Systems courses), Safety Passport Training, Child Protection courses, First aid courses, Driving and trailer tests.

We will be doing more and we do our best to keep abreast of developments regarding health and safety and good working practice.


When it comes to marquee and temporary structure work, of course there are the national laws and regulations  like the health and safety at work act HSWA , LOLLER  and PUWER regulations.

Operationally, method statement and risk assessment wise  we defer to the industry specific operational guidance provided by :

We collate and curate  lots of our own documents and a library of information both in the office, on location and online at our Bigtopmania Health and Safety Page . 

Marquee work, being temporary structures now comes under Building regulations, CDM 2015.

During the event planning phase we will send you many documents and advice.

We will need to know the install area is safe to work in for all parties.

When we have finished your installation we will provide you with a thorough structural checklist and sign off using the Safety Culture I Auidtor App.

Here are our MUTA StructureSafe Training Certificates;




Muta_StructureSafe_Certificate-Francesco Torriani





Bigtopmania safety passports

What a team! Some of the 2018 Marquee install team.