Camp Bestival 2015 Bigtopmania Festival Kids Area

A Bigtopmania Festival Kids Area.

Business as usual? Camp Bestival with our huge festival kids area in the Upper Kids Garden is now in its 8th year (we’ve been there from day 1) and strives to get better and better every year. It’s one of our busiest and most full on events of the season but we absolutely love it!

We run the upper kids garden and bring together an army of like minded, fun seeking festival family members to create our lovely little festival kids area. There are various performers involved every year, this year featured Fabulous Fezheads making their Camp Bestival debut as well as stalwarts Big Foot the Clown, Bicyclettes and The Bigtopmania Family Circus Show. On top of this you have the overflowing and too popular for its own good Trapeze workshops and Big Bears Big Balloon Disco.

Trapeze & Aerial lessons at festivals Big Bear's Big Balloon Disco Mr and Mrs Big Bear fun character costumesFestival Circus shows by Bigtopmania












On a number of occasions over the weekend the Big Top was overflowing with happy punters enjoying the fantastic selection of children’s entertainment, saturday’s circus show (pictured above) in particular rivalled the crowd that Mr Tumble pulls. With booster acts from aerial hoop double act Becky and Esta as well as a doubles trapeze act from Loudini!

Spilling out of the Big Top you have the toddler space where the toddlers can kick back and chill after a late night knees up in bollywood. Beyond that the interactive inflatable mad zone where mega blob and spike are bundled and beaten by children that don’t quite know whether its a bouncy castle or a monster.

Bigtopmania festival kids areaInteractive Inflatables for fun play in Bigtopmania







In the middle of the area you could walk the tightrope, jump on a mega ball or try your hand at circus skills, or there’s the crazy bike section where you could occasionally grab a go on a ninebot (self balancing electric unicycle). Next door is the craft tent filled to the rafters with crazy creations and mums grabbing 15 minutes quiet time whilst their child wrestles with a bundle of stickers doing Sticker Art (as endorsed by Jo Wiley).

Ninebot One riding for lots of lucky children

This is a ninebot, Lucas has been fortunate enough to be loaned one to demonstrate and share the love. Get yours at

Craft tent overflowing with festival crafts

There is so much going on at Camp Bestival and so many families just in our little bit. We don’t get a great deal of time to see the rest of it but from what we hear there’s just about anything under the sun that you might like to do with children available at Lulworth. It’s a full on family holiday wrapped up as a festival and if anyone has the secret power to book perfect weather every year, its Rob and Josie (touch wood)

Thanks a bundle to all our amazing crew for all their hard work in making it come together so well, we get loads of great feedback and its lovely to bring everyone together for 5 beautiful days each year. Bring on 2016 baby!