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The Megaball is not a stupendous  Venetian party nor a chance to win millions on the lottery but definitely an exceptional opportunity to have a huge amount of fun.

If you have not yet seen our Giant Megaballs in action and haven’t read a previous post about them, here are some self explanatory photos and links to videos that should do the trick and have you yearning to play.

These images are some of the megaball action found mainly in the Kid’s fields at events this summer 2015 like Rewind Festival, Shambala Festival, Bestival, Camp Bestival, Splendour Festival and Common People not to mention all the Lets Rock events..

megaballs shambala festivamegaballsmega ball megaball

I kid you not:  they are giant balls of mega fun.

bigtopmania megaballgiant megaball Giant MegaballsHuge Megaballsmega footballmega ball mega fun

Mega Ball-Pits or Mega Ball Arenas = Mega Event Attraction!

We have a fair few of them and can create special MegaBall-Pits;  Arenas  with all sorts of ball sizes from toddler size to more than adult size… remember  the giant beach balls are 9ft tall !

Imagine loads of mega balls… in  huge arena… we can do it!

We have a specialism in providing a unique range of hands on entertainment and family entertainment at events across the country.  We deliberately seek out a unique range of entertainment resources and these Megaballs are at the Giant end of the  fun activity  stable.

We can use them as part of our larger festival kids area packages  as part of our hands on play areas or hands on circus skills areas.

They go hand in hand with space hoppers, bouncy animals and gym balls.

They can be a huge amount of rowdy fun or used more quietly and sensitively for smaller groups or special needs.

They can be used for team building exercises just like with these co-operative Giant Earthball games  using American Earthballs; competitive yet better as a team.

giant beachballgiant beachballs

huge beachballhuge beachballsgiant 6ft footballhuge footballinflatable world

( A 2m size earth ball is on its way for next summer)

Do you still need convincing and have a few minutes spare?

I found these Youtube videos  and they will show just how much fun they are!


Book us to bring our range of Megaballs or just a lonely Megaball to your party/ festival/ school/ event/ fun day or any other suggestion!


Forgotten Fields – festival kids entertainment!

Festival kids entertainment.

It was back to back festivals in early August, Camp Bestival then without a chance to shake the glitter out of our hair we were setting up at FF.

Forgotten Fields (FF if you’re hip) is brought to you by the organisers of long term favourite on the UK festival scene Kendal Calling, which unfortunately clashes with Camp Bestival so we have never managed to get our festival kids entertainment there.

As well as the usual festival kids entertainment we also provided ‘Mr Big’ for a Real Ale bar and ‘Double Cream’ for a magical cabaret tent.

The peek of a tent at #forgottenfields…

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festival kids entertainment

In terms of the Kids Area, due to the booking being not as far in advanced as usual, a lot of our usual team were otherwise engaged. Which gave us a great opportunity to think creatively and work with friends that we haven’t had a chance to book before. We had the usual suspects of Big Bears Big Balloon Disco (BBBBD maybe?), Amy working tirelessly on trapeze workshops, I was bringing my solo Lucas Jet Circus Show which was a great challenge to balance managing the area with performing as well as finding time to occasionally eat.  On Sunday we had a rather brilliant kids talent show with some incredibly amazing participants.

The UK African Acrobats were also on hand to provide a cultural feast of African music, acro and charisma. There was a Bigtopmania debut for the nicest beatboxer you’ll ever meet, Bass6 who we still need to invoice for costs because he blew the roof of our Big Top!

UK African Acrobats Circus show Bass6 Beatboxer keeps children enthralled But we still didn’t have enough acts to fill a day of kids entertainment in the Big Top, what could we do? Queue Kat and Amy’s Kids Zumba (which needs a catchy name for next year). They spent one evening learning dance routines from youtube and you would never have guessed. The parents were shaking it off to Tay Tay and the Bass head toddlers were booty shaking to DJ Fresh. It was one of those give it a go moments but it couldn’t have gone better. We were so proud. festival childrens entertainment area review Outside of the Bigtop we had all the usual bits, circus workshop ongoing with the ever smiling crazy aunt Polly ; ) Interactive Inflatables being abused and bundled by umpteen under 8’s, a limited number of Crazy Bikes tending to let gravity do its thing and rolling them down the hill. The toddler tent was a much needed chill out space for grateful parents who were happy to kick back in the ball pool or eat some lego with their little ones.

Did you try out our bikes? #forgottenfields   A photo posted by Forgotten Fields (@forgottenflds) on

Bigtopmania kid's area at Forgotten Fields trapeze lessons at Forgotten Fields Circus workshops for festivals by Bigtopmania

In the Craft tent we had our most loyal craft family Reasons 2B Cheerful doing their thang as well as providing percussion jam sessions. We also welcomed to the team Gadabout Arts who made this beautiful butterfly site decor along with lots of Origami creations and also Cult Milk who covered just about every element of crafts you could think of (and some you wouldn’t think of) throughout the weekend.

Cult Milk Festival Crafts Origami Barmy

It was my first time running the area without Pete and Anne and even Leo was away in Italy, although I’ve run a lot of one day smaller festivals in the last couple of years, this was a slightly different animal. Due to it being the first year the festival ran, they did not know how popular they would be with families. Had it not been for the sterling effort from our team we would have no doubt been overrun, but everyone pulled together and the feedback below speaks for itself. I’ve printed these out and I carry them round in my wallet now for whenever I’m feeing down.

Bigtopmania kids area review Bigtopmania kids area review Bigtopmania kids area review
bigtopmania festival kids entertainment review


And if the various nice comments from these lovely people don’t convince you, you can take a look at what we do in this video that i’ve previously made.

Camp Bestival 2015 Bigtopmania Festival Kids Area

A Bigtopmania Festival Kids Area.

Business as usual? Camp Bestival with our huge festival kids area in the Upper Kids Garden is now in its 8th year (we’ve been there from day 1) and strives to get better and better every year. It’s one of our busiest and most full on events of the season but we absolutely love it!

We run the upper kids garden and bring together an army of like minded, fun seeking festival family members to create our lovely little festival kids area. There are various performers involved every year, this year featured Fabulous Fezheads making their Camp Bestival debut as well as stalwarts Big Foot the Clown, Bicyclettes and The Bigtopmania Family Circus Show. On top of this you have the overflowing and too popular for its own good Trapeze workshops and Big Bears Big Balloon Disco.

Trapeze & Aerial lessons at festivals Big Bear's Big Balloon Disco Mr and Mrs Big Bear fun character costumesFestival Circus shows by Bigtopmania












On a number of occasions over the weekend the Big Top was overflowing with happy punters enjoying the fantastic selection of children’s entertainment, saturday’s circus show (pictured above) in particular rivalled the crowd that Mr Tumble pulls. With booster acts from aerial hoop double act Becky and Esta as well as a doubles trapeze act from Loudini!

Spilling out of the Big Top you have the toddler space where the toddlers can kick back and chill after a late night knees up in bollywood. Beyond that the interactive inflatable mad zone where mega blob and spike are bundled and beaten by children that don’t quite know whether its a bouncy castle or a monster.

Bigtopmania festival kids areaInteractive Inflatables for fun play in Bigtopmania







In the middle of the area you could walk the tightrope, jump on a mega ball or try your hand at circus skills, or there’s the crazy bike section where you could occasionally grab a go on a ninebot (self balancing electric unicycle). Next door is the craft tent filled to the rafters with crazy creations and mums grabbing 15 minutes quiet time whilst their child wrestles with a bundle of stickers doing Sticker Art (as endorsed by Jo Wiley).

Ninebot One riding for lots of lucky children

This is a ninebot, Lucas has been fortunate enough to be loaned one to demonstrate and share the love. Get yours at

Craft tent overflowing with festival crafts

There is so much going on at Camp Bestival and so many families just in our little bit. We don’t get a great deal of time to see the rest of it but from what we hear there’s just about anything under the sun that you might like to do with children available at Lulworth. It’s a full on family holiday wrapped up as a festival and if anyone has the secret power to book perfect weather every year, its Rob and Josie (touch wood)

Thanks a bundle to all our amazing crew for all their hard work in making it come together so well, we get loads of great feedback and its lovely to bring everyone together for 5 beautiful days each year. Bring on 2016 baby!