Acrobats for Photo-Shoot

Acrobats for Photo-Shoot.

Question; Acrobats for Photo-Shoot?

Do we supply artists for events?

Earlier this year in March 2015 we were contacted by James  F,  marketeer for Cemex  UK , a huge UK concrete supplier among other things.

It was an interesting request;

he had a Twitter photographic competition photo entry to do and it involved marketing via Hi Viz vests!

The photo would go on the


twitter feed with competition related  hashtags


It was a pretty informal affair; a bit of brand awareness and capture the photo in a unique way.

No pressure and it didn’t really matter how well the competition entry went, being more of a peer to peer twitter event.

So the concept was to supply some artists , namely acrobats who could present a human tower of vests!  Ideally in a 3-2-1 type  3- high human tower!

Of course we can do this!

We supply artists for all sorts of events!

Straight away I thought of our team of acrobats from the UK African Acrobat Company, based mainly in London. 

This  was handy as the company had some locations in London they could bring one of their concrete trucks to!

So it was arranged for the team to meet up at the 02 while Cemex were also exhibiting on an internal stand at the Ecobuild2015 trade show and co-incidentally had some building work going on in the background too.

With the permission from the O2, a photography set was quickly set up in the car park.

As you will see in the photos, various Cemex trucks turned up, nicely washed!

The team of acrobats got thoroughly into the swing of things wearing the various  Hi-Viz jackets and trying different human pyramid poses.

They could even get roles as acrobatic models!

To add to the fun and possibly to warm up a a  bit, (it was March) the acrobats then went into the exhibition hall and proceeded to wow the guests in front of the Cemex stand!

So how did it all go?

To Quote James after the event ;

“I think the guys were very understanding and just wanted to put a good show They were fantastic! Thank you for helping out and being patient In the organising.”

And how did the photo go in the twitter competition?

“it got into the top 3…. so it was worth it 🙂 We won our award though for innovation so we were pleased people are still talking about the show the lads put on at Ecobuild! ”


Would you like any acrobats for your event, photo-shoot or productions?

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Imagine Watford 2015 – Arts festival outdoor entertainment

Earlier in the season I was booked to do an evening circus show for the launch night of Imagine Watford at Palace Theatre. It was suggested at the time that if it went well then I would be booked for the summer festival as well to form part of the arts festival outdoor entertainment. Despite the gravity being particularly strong in the room that night, the show must have gone down well as I was booked to perform during the festival as well as bring along Bigtopmania’s famous Crazy Bike roadshow.

First up was the Crazy Bikes day where hundreds of children and adults were engaged throughout the evening in trying all sorts of different wacky bikes, recliners, trikes, unicycles, scooters and unrideable bikes.

  The following week I was back with my Lucas Jet Circus Show! The crowd built itself and even 10 minutes before I was due to start there was already a semi circle of people sat around building an audience which is usually the main thing I get worried about. The people of Watford were obviously used to being entertained and must be a seasoned audience which could have been a good or a bad thing. Luckily both shows went super well. I had so many lovely children coming up afterwards asking for cards or high fives or just wanting to say hello, it was a really lovely couple of shows and I happened to pick some fantastic volunteers for my audience participation bits.

unicycling entertainmentjuggling and unicycling show circus show for arts festival interactive circus show














I have to thank Kate Leach from Watford For You for sharing these great photo with me, people of Watford be sure to check out her instagram to keep updated with whats going down in Watford. Also massive thank you to Jamie Arden and Harriet Mackie for booking me, I had great fun and will hopefully see you next year for more shows and crazy bikes. If you’ve got an outdoor event or cycling festival why not get in touch to discuss the crazy bikes or how a circus show might keep your crowds entertained.

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