Red and Yellow big tops
and striped circus tent style
marquees for hire


Rhubarb & Custard, Dorothy and Golden Garden.

We have an ever-expanding range of stripy circus tents and our red and yellow range is dubbed ‘Rhubarb and Custard’.

We also have ‘Dorothy’ and ‘Dot’. This was the first ever tent we bought and is the original circus tent, although we have manufactured a new roof since. This is commonly used for our baby big top circus show as it has aerial rigging built in with it.

To finish off our Red and Yellow collection we have Golden Garden, a rectangular marquee designed to fit in the shape of back gardens. It’s 6x12m internal area (extra space needed for guy ropes). Meaning it’s a popular option for garden parties in London homes.

Rhubarb & Custard

Available as a round tent or upto a 40m long oval version.

Dorothy & Dot

Our original Circus tent. Available as an oval or round.

Golden Garden

We have 2 of them, they are 6 x 12m

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Rhubarb and Custard range

We are always investing in maintaining clean and pristine tents, in our current stock of the Rhubarb and Custard range we have; 2 sets of round ends and 5 sets of midsections. 6 King poles and 5 ridge bars.

The tents can therefore be installed in two sizes at the same time.

Usual wall height is 2.1m / 7ft but we now also have a new set of taller 2.5m / 8ft walls, made in 2017 with very strong wooden side poles.

Which size tent do I need?

It’s really hard to put a one size fits all capacity on our tents, because it all depends on what else is going to be installed in the big top, or what layout you are going for. Refer to the brochure for guide capacities but if in doubt drop us an email and we will be happy to advise.


This range starts as a 1 pole 12m round marquee and goes right up to a 6 poler which measures a massive 40m long! You can have it with 2.1m high walls or for gigs for festivals we can supply 2.4m high.

Rhubarb and Custard

Rhubarb and Custard is a 12m round tent. (113 sq. m). 1 king pole.

Double Dollop is a 12 x 17.5m oval tent. (179 sq. m). 2 king pole. 1 mid section.

Mr Big is a 12 x 23m oval tent. (245 sq. m). 3 king pole. 2 mid sections.

King Size is a 12 x 28.5m oval tent. (311 sq. m). 4 king pole. 3 mid sections.

Emperor is a 12 x 34m oval tent. (377 sq. m). 5 king pole. 4 mid sections.

Queen is a 12 x 39.5m oval tent ( 443 sq. m) 6 king pole, 5 mid sections.

Introducing our original big top … Dorothy

Dorothy is named after Bigtopmania chief’s late mother, who left some money to Pete and he used it to buy his first circus tent. So she has since been known as Dorothy, also available as a smaller version; Dot.

This Big Top mainly goes out at festivals as our children’s area circus tent, it’s fantastic for hosting trapeze workshops and has a front and rear foyer so is useful for backstage and audience space.

Last but not least we have Golden Garden previously known as Long and Shorty!

Why this rectangular red and yellow marquee tent is great for you!

At 6 x 12m this tent is large enough to hold a good party but small enough to fit in a long thin rectangular garden. It is a perfect size for London garden parties, which is what it was originally made for.

It’s got the feel and excitement of a circus tent but as a small rectangular marquee it requires far less space and height.

With open walls and slightly raised roof it can be used as a stage for bands to play to audiences outside the marquee.

It makes a perfect add-on to larger marquees so it can be used as a bar or catering tent and linked with a walkway to create different zones for your event.

Tight on space but still want a colourful and exciting party atmosphere for your event? A 5 x 5m dance floor fits nicely into the middle of this marquee and the smaller size makes it easier to fill and create a great atmosphere.

In back gardens, the guy ropes and stakes may fit into the bushes or flower beds to help it fit.

This is a manageable size for sweet 16th’s or 18th birthday parties and with a lighting and dance floor package you can relax in the knowledge that you will have a fantastic party to remember/not remember for years to come.

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