We have had a hugely busy week here at Bigtopmania, lots and lots of festival marquees and tents have gone up on two exposed and windy sites, despite the gusty winds the sun has been shining and it makes it all the easier.

Triplicity – Exmoor National Park, North Devon

On Sunday we set up Scoopy Scoopy Do in North Devon for Triplicity, our lovely white canvas wedding marquee going up in a muddy sheep field wasn’t the ideal scenario but with gloves on and a quick sheep poo fight the working area was clear and the tent went up very clean. Window walls were used to good effect to get a nice sea view out the marquee.

Scoopy Do Sheepy Who?

From a long way away


We also provided a 6m round red & white candy tent for the kids chill out area. Then the boys zoomed upto Bristol to make an early start for a lovely Hungerford Abba party de rig. It was a really quick pack up and everything was done by 12.30 then we set off back to devon locked the van keys in the back of the van and had to wait 3 hours on Mrs Higgins drive whilst the AA failed to break in and in the end we had to get an auto lock smith out #newvanproblems.

Masked Ball – Porthleven, Cornwall

There will be a full write up on this at a later date, right now we are just putting the word out on these 2 cracking events that are on this weekend. Tickets for both are still available. We will be on hand at the Masked Ball as tent foreman because we have 10 tents up at this event. Fair to say its been a tiring week with lots of reinforcing of structures to ensure a fantastic, colourful and more importantly safe event.

The site looks great and we’re really looking forward to watching the likes of Bonobo and Cuban Brothers performing in our tents.  More photos to follow but we will hopefully see you there!

Red and Yellow Circus tent MainStage marquee Colourful marquees for festivals small colourful backstage tents

Hungry workers aren't happy workers! Spaghetti takes about 8 minutes to cook.

Hungry workers aren’t happy workers! Spaghetti takes about 8 minutes to cook.