Bigtopmania Circus Show 2015

Bigtopmania Circus Show 2015

We would like to let you know about our Circus Show 2015 plans.

We have produced new flyers… even printed them too!

We’ve been spreading them around since October and if you want one, give us a shout  and we can post or send copies by email.

The show will feature various main artists depending on dates  including;

Kris the Cyr on Cyr Wheel and Diablo.

Princess Leonie on Hula Hoop and aerial.

Lady Els on aerial Silks and Trapeze.

Members of the UK African Acrobat Company, with their top skills.  Bowl spinning , tumbling, limbo and more.

Lucas Jet the One Wheel Wonder on unicycle and as juggler in chief.

PeteZa as clown, ring master, China Plate Spinner, Knife thrower, Trombonist and all round Maestro!

Mr Sean as Tent Man, Music Man, Strong Man and Dogsbody!

Big Bear As Big Bear!

There will be lots more too!

There will be thrills , skills and spills!  And no doubt a custard pie!

We look forward to seeing you at a

Bigtopmania Circus Show 2015.