Circus Parties for children and grown ups looking to release their inner child!
We’ve provided some simply stunning circus parties over the years for adults and children in both private and corporate settings. Sometimes it’s an intimate back garden soiree and sometimes it’s a mini festival in itself.

Our big top circus tents fit snugly into back gardens or paddocks so they are the ideal chance for anyone wanting to throw a circus party. In fact not just a circus party, we’ve enjoyed people’s interpretations of different themes. Whether that’s a ‘Carnival of Colour’ or Mardi Gras theme, you might be holding a Mad Hatters tea party as a summer celebration but you need a weird and wonderful venue and some quirky circus to go alongside it.

Most likely, on recent evidence you are hosting ‘The Greatest Show’ or a rework of The Greatest Showman theme. We don’t know the stats but it has to be one of the most popular themes of the last 10 years. There’s so much room for wow factor and amazing photos. It’s a theme that is popular with all generations, has its own soundtrack and fancy dress options are glamorous as well as fun. As a result of the phenomenon that it has become, we have performed at hundreds of Greatest Showman parties for children that are obsessed with the film but we’ve also been part of some incredible charity balls and university balls that use the theme as inspiration for their event.

Grown ups deserve amazing parties as well!

Bigtopmania has all the tools at their disposal to help you host a stunning circus party. It is generally a collaborative effort from us and yourselves. So whilst we provide all the essential infrastructure such as the big top, entertainment, flooring, lighting and dancefloor. The real magic happens when you add your own individual touches; make your own circus signs; ‘Cirque Du *insert family name*’, DIY drinks bottle labels with circus print,

We can do smaller garden party shows in our smaller colourful circus tents or for the larger events we sometimes create a sort of marquee village with big tops linked together to form different venues as part of the same event.

Circus parties are not limited to using our big tops, we cater to smaller events in indoor venues or do a show in the outside with or without our outdoor circus ring. As said they are not even limited to circus parties. Circus shows are just a great way to engage a crowd and bring everyone together at a celebration. Whether that’s as part of a show or in a hands on activity way to burn some energy.

Here’s an example of a top level children’s party from Bigtopmania.
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A Birthday Circus Party on a spectacular scale with a Big Top and Circus show, acts and artists to create magical party events your child and your guests will never forget…
In many smaller gardens we use a small round ‘Baby Big Top’ with a range of equipment for play and entertainment and present a show with 1 or 2 artists or more.

Or more simply… small circus theme parties in your hall or home, a one-man circus show by PeteZa; play, party balloons, wonderful modeling balloons, big balloons, children inside bubbles, disco party games etc …more in keeping with a traditional children’s birthday party!

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