Petal Marquees – a contemporary twist on a traditional design

Scoopy is a popular wedding marquee for couples that are looking to dip their toes in the traditional vibe but still are usually looking to put their own stamp on the blank canvas with fabulous floral creations or bundles of bunting!

Check Out How Much the James and Tilly paid for a Scoopy wedding marquee package.

Let’s face it, as much as we love them, not everyone needs a circus tent for their event. We recognise the need for a little normality, but we didn’t want it to be your run of the mill white tent, we strive to stand out from the crowd. We love our main scoopy marquee, but we also have champagne and tea rose mini marquees which look great alongside the main structure. 


petal marquee for wedding

'Scoopy' Petal Marquee

The lovely thing about Scoopy is that it has all the classic traits of a white wedding but with a modern twist, so is still offering a contemporary development on traditional design.

This is a beautiful evolution of the traditional canvas marquee pole tent. We call her Scoopy because of the ‘Scoops’; the shape styling on the edge of the tent.

The marquee industry has dubbed it a Petal Marquee

She is a real piece of art to look at and we love the elegant final product it gives off.

She comes with wooden king poles and side poles, wooden dollies/ finials and natural fibre hempex ropes.

There are matching smaller tents to use as champagne reception tents, bars, catering, picnic and side stall tents. Including small 3x3m 4x6m and in 2019 a beautiful new canvas 6x6m.

We work hard to keep the cream canvas clean and would love it if you could do the same.


The couple that still wants a white wedding but wants to stand out and step away from the standard traditional rectangular “flower show”  marquee or white clear-span marquees.  If that’s you then you need a canvas petal marquee.

We suggest that at full size she is suitable for 150-180 guests at tables with a dance floor and band.


   Did you know??

It takes only three people to set up a Scoopy Do,but it take a good full day of work to set it up

A selection of photos of Scoopy in action

Below is a detailed example of our most popular package for a wedding marquee suitable 80 day-guests.
The price given here is based on the event taking place near our Devon base. Actual total could vary and there are certain elements that might not be essential at your wedding, This is designed to give you an idea of a wedding package to give you something to go off. Refer to our brochure for full prices of different size marquees or better yet, get in touch for a personalised quote.
Marquee for 80 guests

Do you need any additional marquees to help your wedding run smoothly?

We also provide smaller canvas marquees and shade spaces as additional structures to lots of weddings. 2 of them match the style of Scoopy completely and are made by the same manufacturer, one of them is a 6 x 6m medieval tent, which still looks amazing in white canvas just a slightly different style.


Flexible Shade Areas to compliment your tent event!

New for 2020 are our Shade Seekers. These are available in a combination of colours, they can be made bespoke for you to hire or to buy with enough notice. Manufactured in Devon during lockdown!


The Shade Seekers are available in a range of different sizes starting from as small as 3x3m and our smaller canvas marquees are available in the following sizes; 3x3m 6x4m and 6x6m. The Shade Seekers are available in a range of different sizes starting from as small as 3x3m and our smaller canvas marquees are available in the following sizes; 3x3m 6x4m and 6x6m. We also keep a stock of white pvc catering tents in 4x4m and 5x5m.

These smaller marquees are perfect for:

  • Welcome drinks
  • Service area
  • Bars
  • Cloakrooms
  • Shade areas
  • Additional seating area
  • Catering tents
  • Changing room and green room

Claire and Rich transformed their wedding marquee with a beautiful flower garland in Pyworthy, Devon.

This was the wedding of Claire and Rich who kindly sent us their photos which were captured by Bristol based wedding photographer Noel Deasington.

Once again they have let nature do the talking with fantastic floral work to add greenery to the canvas backdrop. The photos look stunning and we love seeing people enjoying a fine devonshire evening out the front of the marquee.

At this wedding they had use of a party venue as part of the outdoor wedding venue they booked so the marquee played host to the wedding breakfast and speeches then it was into the barn for dancing.

Liz and Ed’s marquee wedding in The Midlands.
The next set of photos were captured by Sam Docker, a wedding photographer who is based in Derbyshire but available internationally and looks like he does some great work.

These beautiful pictures are from Liz and Ed’s wedding near Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire. It’s a little while ago now but from memory the paddock where the marquee was erected was half way through being landscaped but you wouldn’t be able to tell from how stunning the photos are.

Coastal wedding marquee with a view?
That’s the end of the professional photos for Scoopy, but we do have a few personal pictures from this amazing coastal wedding in South Devon. We provided a 3 pole version of Scoopy plus 2 catering tents to the rear and a 3×3 canvas tent on the beach which served as a changing room for a wedding swim!

The panoramic window walls on this marquee mean you can still make the best of a fantastic view but without being exposed to strong coastal winds as no one needs that on their wedding day.

Coastal wedding marquee with a view?
We think the design of scoopy is pretty beautiful in itself, the scallops round the edge give it an elegant twist compared to traditional pole marquees. We also always include the beautiful wooden finials and natural material ropes. We do also use white ratchets if the forecast isn’t favourable.
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