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Wild West Show & Cowboy Act and Cowboy Show Performer

Western Shows, Fun Days and Cowboy Tricks

Rope Spinning, Lasso, Whip Cracking, Knife Throwing.

Indiana Jones(ish)
Theme Day Entertainment

Line Dancers, Can Can Troupe, Vegas Showgirls

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Children's and Family wild west cowboy style Entertainment

Often seen in conjunction with...
Circus, Big Top Hire and Children's Activities.

 wild west show, cowboy fun day as whip-cracking performer
 wild west show, western act,cowboy fun day show, lasoo
 Association of Festival Organisers,

Welcome to the Wild West


it's cowboy show cliche time!

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PeteZa is available for Wild West Show, Western Act, Cowboy Act, Cowboy Show, Skills and Walkabout




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has been
whip cracking,
rope spinning,
and using
western cowboy skills
at least
20 years.

 wild west show,cowboy show, western act, rodeo, lasoo, trick rope spinning, whip-cracking performer
Wild West Show

Indiana Jones style whip cracking
Whip Cracking

lasoo workshop
Lasso Workshop

rope-spinning act, trick roper
Trick Roper

cliche mexican costumed stilt walker
Musical Banditry?

trick roper stilt walking
Cowboy stilt walker

trick-roper, rope-spinning act
Big 100ft Rope

rope-spinning act
wedding ring trick

trick-roper rodeo act
Caught in a rope

PeteZa performing as Indiana Jones
Harrison Fraud!

Indiana jones look alike performer?
Performing as Indiana Jones

peteza cowboy stilt walking costume
Cowboy Stilt Walker
at Fireworks night event

Peteza in cowboy stilts costume
Woody! on Stilts

peteza bull-whip cracker

Bigtopmania offers various Wild West show,
American, Old West, Western Theme
Event Attractions and Entertainment

Wild West Cowboy Theme Children's Party Photo Gallery here

See the PeteZa page for video of him as a cowboy on Blue Peter. Yes.. a Blue Peter Badge!

Top Cowboy Skills Artist
for Wild West Shows and Cowboy Walkabout

Rope Spinning. Lasso.

Whip Cracking. Knife Throwing.

Fire eating.

(USA Bull whips, Australian Stock whips, single and double shots)

(A British Cowboy Act is a Rare Breed!
Though over in the good 'ole US of A; Respect is due to Vince Bruce..
legendary British world champion rope spinner)

PeteZa has Western Act Theme Performances and Cowboy Shows
that last up to 45 min's,

plus oddities and characters like...

Indiana Jones / Harrison Fraud
Bull-Whips, Target Whip Cracking. Paper tearing
Alligator Wrestler (a variation of cowboy act)

Crazy Bandito
Daft Bandit ..yes.. with noisy authentic gun (firing blanks)

Wild West Wally
Cowboy act or dodge sheriff + deputy pet dog

Uncle Sammy
Massive Stilt-Walker for Independence Days

Cute Cowgirl(s)
Glamour-Puss-on-Stilts (Not performed by PeteZa!)

Rusty the Rodeo Clown
from Dodgy City
with Rodney the Rodeo Rat(?)

Buffalo Spill & Spilly the Kid
crazy cowboy waiters

The above are PeteZa's acts.
PLUS we can arrange

Tequila Sheilas & Side Show Sam

Cowboy Builders and Indians from India!

Cool Hand Ranch Dudes

Drummers and Musicians, Cajun bands

Hoe Down Fiddlers & Honkey Tonk Pianists.

Singing Cowboys, Dancers galore

Trick Ropers and Whip Crackers

Gun Slingers, Knife Throwers,

Tomahawks and Archery.

Stunt Horse Riders & Pony Express/Slow coaches.

Wild West Attractions

(some our own, others via colleagues)
can include;

Lasso the Cactus

Rope Spinning Skills Workshop

Knife Throwing Skills

Bow and Arrow-Archery Skills

Rodeo Bulls

Quick Draw Machines

Tin Can Alleys,

Shooting and Hoop-La's

Themed Props, Decor, Flags,

Wild West Back Drops,

Saloon Bars

Party Favours,

Party Cowboy Hats,

Peep Through Boards

Country and Western Bands.

Fun Casinos,

Poker and Sneaky Card Sharps

Cowboy Hats, Sheriffs Badges,

Water Pistols of course!

Baked Beans,

Gold Panning

Comedy Mineshaft?

Comedy TNT plunger

Sticks of Dynamite

and a Theatrical Explosion or two!

stars and stripes or gingham wild west bunting,
confederate flags

and other wild west decor and paraphernalia.
lots of Yea ha's and Whoa Ha's!

And what about a Gun Fight-Quick Draw.?

and a good old fashioned John Wayne Fist / Stage Fight

even printed fun $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Want to buy your own costumes and replica guns etc..

try Regaloos

Tee-pee,tipi,teepee, wigwam hire
Rope Spinning Cowboy

Teepees for hire


Line dance group show
Line dancers for
Western theme nights!

line dance group show
Line dancers

line dancers for hire
Line Dance Session

can can dancers
Can Can Dancers

las vegas showgirls
Las Vegas Show Girls

 showgirl dancers for hire
Showgirl dance
troupe in action

showgirl dance troupe
Showgirl Dance Troupe

DAncers stars and stripes costumes
Dancers. USA style
Stars and Stripes

Dancers cotton eyed joe
Cotton Eye Joe

can can dance
Can Can Troupe

showgirls for hire
Las Vegas Showgirls

Moulin Rouge Dancers
Moulin Rouge

moulin theme event dancers
Moulin style dance troupe

Wild west show
cowboy show FUN DAY!