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A Range of Professional costumes
For Performance and Hire, Promotional use and
as Family Entertainment & Children's Fun.

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Book Mascot Costume Hire Early!

Animal costumes and character costumes get used frequently.
Prime Dates go Quickly!

Special Mascot Costume Hire
and Professionally Performed With.

Theme Performers, Acts and Artists

we supply plenty of other dressed artists too!
We can get a massive range of other mascot costumes, animal costumes and character costumes to hire. If its the right one we will buy it to add to our stock.




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Mascot Costume Dry Hire

Parceled Delivery.
Your Use.
Parcel Collection.
Satisfactory Return.
Deposit Returned.
Clean and Store.

We have a stock of carefully selected Mascot Costume and Animal Costumes and Character Costumes for hire, use or rental.
Dry hire or with an experienced performer inside.

Video of Seasonal Mascot hire and use here; Snowman on Ice!

Additionally, they are used as additional items to our other presentations.

If you want other mascot costume or animal costumes styles...
we can arrange them no problem at all..
just let us know your mascot costume requirements and theme and we can get creative.

Bear in mind that, for working in these costumes, they can be very hot, many mascots being made of fur material for example.
Performers often only work for certain periods and may require lots of water,
as well as a secure, clean dressing room and parking.

They also may need a discreet guardian or body guard to ensure their safety!

What type of mascot is best for you..?

Want a Bear on a Tricycle?

A Bear for A Teddy Bears Picnic?

A Dragon to fight St George?

An Easter Bunny?

Alice's White Rabbit?

An Upside Down Clown?

A TV Character to meet the kids?

Simply a mascot for your team or event?

Big Bear, the cutest teddy bear mascot ever, has cameo roles in the circus shows, has been seen on TV with CBeebies Big and Small,
or comes out to play in a festival children's area
Snowy, an excellent mascot snowman, may be seen at Seasonal / Christmas parties,
Snarg often comes out for St Georges Day,
Randalph is good mascot on Xmas parades... etc

Mascot costume hire, animal costumes, character costumes, reindeer Reindeer Masoct costume Hire rental reindeer costume rental uk reindeer costume rental
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Animal Costume hire

"Snarg" the Dragon, A stilt walking illusion costume, with rider.
stilt walking dragon costumedragon stilt costume hiresdragon costume rental
Dragon Costume hire

easter bunny rabbit professional mascot costumewhite rabbit costume hire

White Rabbit/ Easter Bunny / Easter Rabbit Mascot Costume hire

rabbit costume hirewhite rabbit costume Alice's white rabbit

Bear Hugs for Valentines day ..

grizzly bear costume rental grizzly Bear costumes
Grizzly Bear Mascot Costume hire

and now....
"BIG BEAR"...our favourite cute bear

Animal outfit,big bear cheeky Bear tickle a bear bear hugs tickle the bear teddy bears picnic costume bear on a trike
BIG BEAR Animal Mascot Hire

Upside Down Clown- "Topsy Turvey" aka "Manly Stanley"

upside down clown costume contortionist costume

We can get you ( though its not cheap)
Licensed TV and film characters and character costumes for shows or meet and greet
for example.. at Guilfest 2010 Kidzone..
Peppa Pig and Barney the Purple Dinosaur Licensed Characters

peppa pig at Guiflest Kidzone peppa pig at guilfest kidzone
Peppa Pig Meets the Children

BArney the purple dinosaur at guilfest kidzone Barney the purple dinosaur costume the barney dinosaur show
Barney The Purple Dinosaur Stage Show

It can be expensive but we can get a big range of licensed characters
available for walkabout, stage shows, puppet shows
old favourites like Sooty and Bodger and Badger
to new kids favourites like Angelina Ballerina.

Licensed Character or Look a Like Costume?

It depends on your budget and the event.
There are copyright and legal considerations...
If you advertise the appearance as part of a public event
a licensed character will probably be best.
For a child's birthday party, unless really special, a look a like may be more to budget.

Seasonal /
Christmas Costume Characters.

Give us an Ice rink and we can provide Ice Skating Snowmen/ Santas/ Reindeer etc!
There's Randalph as above and then the one we find most useful and incredibly popular is

"Snowy" the Snowman
snowman costume performance and rental snowman costume hire santas ice castle,plymouth snowman costumes for hire
snowman hiding in woods santas ice castle plymouth Ice castle plymouth snowman santa ice castle in plymouth
Snowman mascot costume hire

See also
Stilt Walking Costumes.

Illusion Costumes.

Character Performers dressed up to the theme.

Puppet shows.

Jungle animals

Farm animals



Sea creatures





Sports mascots



Ride on illusions

Easter Mascots

Christmas Mascots.

We can get the all!

Our performers are highly experienced and versatile.

Mascot Costume Hire Tip!

Children and parents like to quickly identify the costume.. i.e. parents can say;

"Wave at the snowman!"

Kids can say; "lets go say hi to the Bear"

And don't forget they make very good photos.

Have your camera or phone handy!

Pose for a picture
photo with bear
take your photo with a bear

Ask Bigtopmania for Professional Mascot costume hire, Animal Costumes and character costumes for rent and Performance.