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We have to find work for ourselves.


Opportunities are constantly coming in all over the U.K. / world and we often need extra hands to work either with us, alongside us, in combination or completely elsewhere!

We always like to hear from others offering services in the event business or in the world of entertainment and children's /family activities or who have ideas and would like to get involved.

So if you have any particular skills, act, useful talent, ability, or are just keen to be involved at events and festivals drop us a line.

Of course, we have reputations to uphold (hopefully very good!!) and we have to insist on professional approaches to work. DBS's, insurances, risk assessments, publicity, reliability, references etc.

We have a big data base and often make recommendations or find work for others when suitable occasions arise.

We are not an agency, indeed we work with quite a few, yet we also organise events and attractions for a host of clients.

we are particularly keen to expand the repertoire of useful acts, staff and items located around the UK to add to the

Cycle Circus Events, Wild West Events, trick cyclists, aerialists and useful acts/artists with quality shows.
Festival Kidzone Areas, and Tent Staff (all areas.)

Most work is of a daily or event basis and for the most part employment is on an "independent sub-contractor" basis.

We may have to employ via PAYE, adding you to the payroll, deducting NI and tax so everyone else we sub contract has to be genuinely self employed or a legitimate company as per HMRC rules.

If in doubt check the HMRC rules for self employed/ subcontractors etc

We need copies of insurances and risk assessments for all subcontrcators and where appropriate and for payments we need valid invoices.

No invoice... no payment!

Ideally you should send us images/ web addresses/location/fees expected... as much info as possible
We make no promises to you but if we don't know you are there we cannot offer you work!

so... Street Entertainers, Street Artists ,Street Theatre Companies, Specialty Artists & Acts, People with Skills or Talent for Children's Play Work & Festival Work.

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