Snowy: White Marquee: Range No7

white wedding marquee

”Snowy” and ”Snowstorm”.

Bigtopmania Tent Range No 7;  White Marquee / traditional Pole tent.

Please note; this tent has now been sold for semi-permanent installation at Wellington Country Park, near Reading, Berkshire.  It is being used as a venue for activities and for covered space picnics and is erected from march till end Oct.. when we give not a thorough clean up.

Go and see it!

Given enough notice (@2-3 months)  we can arrange manufacture of a new one for further bookings.

We had this tent built in 2012 ( for a tv show as it happens) , way before the current trend for sailcloth tents set in. The light let in by the panoramic windows and the almost translucent white roof is the key!

Traditional stylish white marquee pole tent.

Is that what you are looking for?

Do you have a view to gaze at?

Available as a 12m round and a 12 x 17.5m oval.

With tall 8 ft walls and lots of window walls this is a very light and spacious option if you want to stick to a traditional white marquee.

Carol Vordoman, , simon cowell, itv, food glorious food Marquee for television Traditional white Marquee with a view

Walls can be white or window and in any position.

Make great use of panoramic views and use the height of the walls to make the space feel bigger.  Snowstorm has made many a white wedding bride very happy with the elegant fairy lights to jazz it up.. giving a beautiful finished venue.

Perfect for;

Weddings with a live band as you can have a higher stage with these 8 ft walls.

Events with panoramic views!

Corporate events that don’t want colourful marquees which is, of course, our speciality.

A white marquee is always good for Stalls, Food shows, Flower shows, Craft tents, Rustic Hoe Downs, Barn dances and Dinner Dances.

Maybe you need a story?

Snowy was originally made for TV and has featured in two shows:  ITV and Simon Cowells’  “Food Glorious Food” and BBC 2’s National Geographic Wild  “The Wonder of Dogs”.

If you like the look of the Snowy range email or call us now.

It’s lovely and bright and tall and white marquee for rent.

white marquee hire devon white wedding marquee hire uk 12m round white marquee white wedding tent rental uk marquee for leavers ball white marquee hiretraditional white pole tentfilming marquee bigtopmania white marquee bigtopmania white marquee


Marquee Specifications and Technical Information.

Marquee and Tents Manufactured in Britain  Marquee manufactured In Britain by a MUTA member company.Tents and marquees manufactured by Muta member


Marquee Design: Tensioned Pole Tent.

Marquee Manufacture:  Made in the UK, near Stroud  to BS EN 13782:2015.

Marquee Components: PVC fabrics, 6m Aluminium round king poles and 5.5m ridge pole.  2.4m / 8 ft Wooden side poles, rope side lines and ratchet straps.  Rope main guy lines and 1m steel stakes.

Marquee Sizes: 12m round (113 sq m)  or oval 12 x 17.5m ( 179 sq m), extra space for anchorage.

Marquee Capacities: variable pending circumstances and safety allowances.

Marquee Walls: 8 ft/2.4m height a combination of white and panoramic window.

Marquee Uses: Alternative to hotel  venue, garden parties, corporate events.

Marquee Extras:  flooring, dance floor, heating, lighting, electrics, furniture, styling, decor, walkways, matching tents in the form of pagodas available as 4 x 4m or 5 x 5m, 5 x 10m and more.

Book a package?

Service tents plus walkway plus white marquee with lots of trappings for your event today!

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