Candy Stripe: Range No 5

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Candy striped mini circus marquees; Baby Big Tops.

Bigtopmania Tent Range No 5 holds a number of unique candy striped mini circus marquee and red and white tents are available for hire.

Red and White,   Baby Big Top Circus Tents.

The bigger ones are from 9m round to effectively 9 x 20 m oval.

The smaller ones are from 2.5m up to 6m diameter round tents.

If you need different sizes or ask!

From Fortune Teller’s Tent size to Baby Big Top Size.

Colourful party tent for hire mini marquees for hire for market pitchesred white wedding marquee festiival childrens play area

The perfect small circus tent style mini venue or addition to your main party marquee.

The great thing about Candy as a 9m round is that you have all the excitement of the big top atmosphere but it is at a much easier size for smaller gardens.  You can still fit a 4 x 4m dance floor in there with space for a DJ and some creative seating.  This gives you a lovely venue for your garden party marquee suitable for a party of 40 or 50 people.

9m round as seen below in Rock, Cornwall.  You can fit a lot in!

garden party marquee hire

Banksy Dismaland.

We were lucky to be involved with Dismaland at Weston Super Mare in summer 2015: the tent contained artworks by Damien Hirst and more.


9m Candy Stripe not quite cute and small enough?

We have our smaller Candy range  of round tents with a range of diameters from 2.5m, 3.4m, 4.3m, 5.2m and 6m.  ( approx  10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft, 25 ft, 30 ft, then 30 x 50 ft and 30 x 70 ft)

If you want other sizes, colours or quantity of items:  just give us enough notice to manufacture.

Sizes Available: (One of each available but quantity of each and other sizes to order ). 

2.5m round @ 5 sq m.  White walls. New spring 2014.

3.4m round @ 9 sq m. White walls. New spring 2014.

4.3m round @ 14.5 sq m. White walls. New autumn 2013.

5.2m round @ 21 sq m. White walls. New autumn 2013.

6m round @ 28 sq m. White walls. New autumn 2013.

9m round @ 64 sq m. Red walls. New autumn 2011.

8.6m  round @53 sq m.  Red and white striped walls. New Spring 2015.

8.6 x 14.2m oval @ 101.2 sq m. Red and white striped walls. 2 mid pole tent. New Spring 2015.

8.6 x 19.8m oval @ 150 sq m. Red and white striped walls. 3 mid pole tent. New Spring 2015.

This is the new 8.6m (30 ft)  Candy Bar tent with its red and white marquee walls.

Red and white marquee Candy bar, red white marquee

This is the new 8.6 x 14.2m  (30 x 50ft) version:  lets call this style Candy Bar! 

9 x 14.5m red white marquee red and white 9x 14.5m marquee red and white 9x 14.5m small big top red and white 9x 14.5m small circus tent18th birthday party tent hire huge lanterns hire

This is the new 8.6m x 19.8m ( 30 x 70ft)  version of Candy Bar.

red and white party marquee

with tables and chairs for 150 guests installed by Virginia’s Vintage hire in Honiton, Devon.

9 x 20m marquee ed and white 9 x 20m marquee inside red and white tent  9 x 20m party tent stripy mini circus marquee 9 x 20m marquee table layout


Small on size but big in colour!

These work really nicely as pod-tent add-ons creating a perfect extra small space outside the main marquee or linked to the side of the tent.

These candy striped mini circus marquees are perfect for the baby big top experience!

Champagne tents, parties, pop-up bars,  ticket booths, cloak rooms, kids corner, Photo Booth, smoking shelter, mini shows, cocktail bars, food vendors, interesting market stalls.

colourful circus tent hire for festival

marquees for market stalls

What about this lovely new ( 2016) free standing pagoda style tent too?  6x6m  / 36 Sq.m and as solid as a rock!  No centre poles, metal frame.  German company “Roder” built to extremely high standards with tent documents online here.

This tent makes a very grand entrance foyer to our bigger tents.

festival childrens tent bude conrwall roder pt light 6x6m

red and white free standing tent hire red and white pagoda tent

Marquee Specifications and Technical Information. 

marquee made in britain Marquees Manufactured In Britain by a MUTA member company Tents and marquees manufactured by Muta member.

Marquee Design: Traditional style Pole Tent with ergonomically shaped curved roof.

Various sizes of candy striped mini circus marquee are available

Marquee Manufacture:  Made in the UK, near Bristol,  to BS EN 13782:2015.

Marquee Components: Pvc fabrics, Wooden round king poles at various heights, ( No ridge poles).  2.1m height Wooden side poles, rope and ratchet strap side lines.  Rope main guy lines and 1m steel stakes.

Marquee Sizes: 2.5m round to oval 8.6 x 19.8m.  Extra space for anchorage. ( 5 sq. m to 150 sq. m)

Marquee Capacities: variable pending circumstances and safety allowances.

Marquee Walls: 7 ft/2.1m height available in solid red, solid white, red and white candy stripes or panoramic window.

Marquee Uses: Circus, Party, Wedding, Event, Stalls, Catering, Theatre, Venue, dressing rooms, bars, festival marquees  etc.

Marquee Extras: Porches, flooring, dance floor, heating, lighting, electrics, furniture, styling, decor, matching tents etc.

Candy striped mini circus marquee.

We supply, hire, rent and use our candy striped mini circus marquee range of red and white tents for all sorts of events across the UK.

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Talk to us soon if you would like more information and remember we have many more bigger tents and many more mini marquees, baby big tops and small tents!