Rhubarb & Custard: Range No 2

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“Rhubarb & Custard” stripy circus tent.

Bigtopmania Tent Range No 2.

Red and Yellow, stripy circus tent style marquee.

Available as either; 12m round, 12 x 17.5 m, 12 x 23m,  12 x 28.5m or 12 x 34m oval.

We have an ever-expanding range of stripy circus tents and our red and yellow range is dubbed ‘Rhubarb and Custard’.

We have 1 set of round ends and 4 sets of midsections.   (Given enough time we can arrange more)

“Rhubarb and Custard” is a 12m round tent. (113 sq. m).  1 king  pole.

“Double Dollop” is a 12 x 17.5m oval tent. (179 sq. m).  2 king  pole. 1 mid section.

“Mr Big” is a 12 x 23m oval tent. (245 sq. m). 3 king  pole. 2 mid sections.

“King Size” is a 12 x 28.5m oval tent. (311 sq. m). 4 king  pole. 3 mid sections.

“Emperor” is a 12 x 34m oval tent. (377 sq. m).  5 king  pole. 4 mid sections.

Full size spec’s, capacities and prices are on the price list.

It is a bright and beautiful tent range.

It doesn’t just do the festival circuit and this tent is kept clean and shiny for nice parties too.

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Could this be the tent for your event?  How can we help you?

If you want an authentic circus theme event then you need a proper circus tent and at sizes from12m span these tents are a manageable size that can fit into large gardens or grounds.

Circus themed birthday parties for Children’s Parties, Adult 18 th’s, 30 th’s , 40 th’s etc, or have a look at a lovely 21st we did in Hungerford.  Get some ideas.

Corporate fun days for the company that wants to give their employees a different experience to traditional corporate fun days.

If you like what you see, why not drop us an enquiry to find out more

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Marquee Specifications and Technical Information. 

Marquee Design: Traditional colourful Pole Tent with ridge bar roof.

Marquee Manufacture:  Made in the UK, near Stroud  to Bs EN 13782:2005.  All in VGC.

Marquee Components: Pvc fabrics, 6m Aluminium round king poles, 5.5m Aluminium ridge poles, 2.1m Wooden side poles, rope side lines. Wire  and rope main guy lines and 1m steel stakes.

Marquee Sizes: 12m round to oval 12 x 17.5m, 12 x 23m, 12 x 28.5m. 12 x 34m.  Extra space for anchorage.

Marquee Capacities: variable pending circumstances and safety allowances.  Seated meal up to  400-450.  Standing up to 750 at 0.5sq.m per person.  less / more pending event input.

Marquee Walls: 7 ft/2.1m height available as full set in red & yellow.  Also some panoramic window and rip away fire exit doors.

Marquee Uses: Circus, Party, Wedding, Event, Stalls, Catering, Theatre, Gig  Venue, carnivals, fiestas etc.

Marquee Extras: Porches, flooring, dance floor, heating, lighting, electrics, furniture, styling, decor, matching tents etc.

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