Long and Shorty: Range No 3

”Long and Shorty”.

Bigtopmania tent range No 3 contains 2 versions of the 20 x 40 ft rectangular red and yellow marquee with the latest one built in 2017.

Red and Yellow Stripy 6 x 12m rectangular red and yellow marquee.

Why this rectangular red and yellow marquee tent is great for you!

At 6 x 12m this tent is large enough to hold a good party but small enough to fit in a long thin rectangular garden.  It is a perfect size for London garden parties, which is what it was originally made for.

It’s got the feel and excitement of a circus tent but as a small rectangular marquee it requires far less space and height.

With open walls and slightly raised roof it can be used as a stage for bands to play to audiences outside the marquee.

It makes a perfect add-on to larger marquees so it can be used as a bar or catering tent and linked with a walkway to create different zones for your event.

rectangular red and yellow marquee hire red and yellow marquees for university event

6 x 12 colourful garden marquee for hire catering marquee hire


Tight on space but still want a colourful and exciting  party atmosphere for your event?  A 5 x 5m dance floor fits nicely into the middle of this marquee and the smaller size makes it easier to fill and create a great atmosphere.

In back gardens, the guy ropes and stakes may fit into the bushes or flower beds to help it fit.

This is a manageable size for sweet 16th’s or 18th birthday parties and with a lighting and dance floor package you can relax in the knowledge that you will have a fantastic party to remember not remember for a years to come.

garden marquee with dance floor party package large interior space of rectangular marquee tiered seating for a barn dance marqueewedding beer tent hirebeer tent hire

Marquee Specifications and Technical Information.

Marquee manufactured in Britain by a MUTA Member Company Tents and marquees manufactured by Muta member

Marquee Design: Rectangular marquee, Pole Tent with ergonomically shaped curved roof.

Marquee Manufacture:  Made in the UK, near Stroud  to BS EN 13782:2015

Marquee Components: Pvc fabrics, 4m high wooden round king poles, 2.1m Wooden side poles, rope side lines. 1m steel stakes.

Marquee Sizes: 6 x 12m ( 72q m) rectangle with extra space for anchorage.

Marquee Capacities: variable pending circumstances and safety allowances.

Marquee Walls: 7 ft/2.1m height available in red as standard but our red and yellow will fit too or even with a panoramic window.

Marquee Uses: Circus, Party, Wedding, Event, Stalls, Catering, Theatre, Venue festival marquees etc.

Marquee Extras: Porches, flooring, dance floor, heating, lighting, electrics, furniture, styling, decor, matching tents etc.

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