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Acts & Attractions Tent Showman's Show 2014

Bigtopmania at The Showmans Show 2014

Big Top Ball St Andrew's University

Big top circus tents at St Andrew’s University Big Top Ball 2014

big top circus tent hire UK.

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We have lots of Temporary Structures you may like.

big top circus tent hire UK!

We host our own circus shows in our show tents and rent them out to events too.

There is an easy to follow tent  list on our website with a list of our tent ranges and basic prices.

We specialise in mid-range and small size tents with capacities from 2 to 600+ in individual tents.

Using guidance of 3 person per square metre at standing room as a music venue or bar this capacity can increase significantly or have a bigger tent if more comfort required.

We have many variations; red big tops, candy striped red and white marquees, red and yellow striped tents, white PVC and cream canvas traditional marquees, “Chinese hats” type, mini marquees and bell tents.

Most of our big tops, circus tents and marquees are based on the  “pole tent” design with king poles and guy ropes with stakes in the ground .

They are built and designed
by MUTA member companies to Euro Standards BS EN13782:2005  .

Safe Tents and Safe Working Practices are our priority.

And hey!

They are nearly all built in England!  Supporting the UK manufacturing economy!

We have 9 ranges of colourful, candy striped, bright or white marquees and circus tents.

Currently in the store we have over 30 big and small tents ready to go in all shapes and sizes!

We look after another 13 marquees for a private client.

We have  two brand new Big Tops for 2015.

15 x 21m oval (or 15m round) in RED with yellow highlights, designed by tent master Rudi Enos !  This tent was built in February 2015 ready for it’s first outing for our Easter Circus shows.

This tent will have integral Aerial Capabilities.

RED_BigTopMania_50x70_003A_3D_model Layout 1 (1)

big top circus tent hire uk

“Ruby Rouge”
15m round or 15 x 21m oval Big Top

red circus tent

The next new tent is an addition to our “Candy” Range  ; This tent is now made and is lovely.

In simple terms; it is either 9m round or 9 x14.5m or 9 x 20m oval shape in candy striped red and white, with red and white striped walls to boot.

It too is built and made in England!

9 x 20m marquee 9 x 20m marquee table layout

Pictures  now on Candy page.



Bigtopmania Circus Tent camp bestival

Circus Tent at Camp Bestival 2014


Bigtopmania at Nibley Festival 2014

Big top Circus tent Play Area at Nibley Festival 2014

Below is a sample inside view of one of our red and yellow big tops .

colourful marquee for hire in south west uk

A classy dinner banquet in Bath, rent a marquee for outdoor venue solutions


Consult the full price list or contact us: for a free quote on big top circus tent hire uk.

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