Interactive Play, Children's Entertainment

NOT a Bouncy Castle but
A Superb, Almost Unique Event Attraction!
Often seen in conjunction with...
Circus Shows, Big Top Hire, Children's Activities and Event or Festival Play Areas.

Leave this crazy inflatable, bouncy castle, event attraction Bigtopmania  not a bouncy Logo

Crazy Bundle Machine! Mad Event Attraction!

Interactive Play, Crazy Inflatable and Festival Hit! Kids Play Favourite.

Play or Bouncy Castle ?? Kids go mad for them! Really mad!


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Designs In Air, manufacturer of crazy inflatable

"Spike" ( born Ad 2006) is NOT the ONLY one!!!

"Big - Blob" arrived in summer 2009

"Bug - Eye" watching you play! Came in 2013

"Flower - Pot " Another new one in 2015!

and another's coming 2017!

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Crazy Inflatable,bouncy castle, event attraction used for childrens entertainment
Spike at the Big Day Out, Bracknell

Get Softly Bashed
or Blown Around!

childrens entertainment at South Hill Park Arts Centre
Kids being Crazy At South Hill Park Arts Centre festival

Prepare to get Gently Blasted
by ball pool balls!

Fairport Convention Cropredy Festival
Spike being Crazy at Cropredy Festival

As a Crazy Inflatable

Spike needs 240v main's power or a big generator as the fan is 1.5 Kw rated.

Sadly he wont normally work with 12v supply.

(unless powerfully inverted)

He needs to be inflated
or he looks a bit sad!

He needs about 10 sq.m.
to cope with his flailing arms and all the running about

Health and Safety guidelines
are followed in all activities.

Spike is insured.

He has been

Bigtopmania has full
PLI and Employer's Insurance
for all the activities!


To minimise over-excitement, we find it's best in short doses.. so at events, Spike comes out for a while and then goes away while they play with other things or watch the shows.


if you are really lucky you may get to go inside and fire the balls out!

See all our Interactive Play Inflatables here!

play inflatables

It started with Spike;

Built for the Guilfest KidZone area 2006,

By Designs In Air

(Bristol-based company specialising in unique and amazing crazy inflatable structures)

Spike is a...

Fantastic Fun-Filled Activity Suitable For All Events Where Children and Families Play!

Crazy Inflatable
specialising in

Random Wild Attacks !!
by (air-blown) Flailing Arms
or (softly) Blasted Balls

Spike is highly complimentary to our other event attractions and children's entertainment activities we provide and works alongside all our play things, toys, toddlers area, workshops and shows..


He can be booked to come and see you on his own or with his mates!

But he really is great in Bigtopmania's

Children's Areas

which are;
Large or small-scale colourful children's entertainment areas with full programs of play, performances and creative activity, even bouncy castles!.
as seen at sooooo many festivals and events around the country ..including; Guilfest, Kingston Green Fair, Ambient Picnic, Bestival, Camp Bestival, Party Neuf, Ragged Hedge Fair, Penn Festival etc etc

Or within Bigtopmania's

Circus World

Activities, paraphernalia, tuition workshops and children's entertainment with a circus theme.


With all events being different, most of Bigtopmania's entertainment and activity programs are individually coordinated and we can offer a very flexible range.

...Of many things possible.. but a few...

Ready for the launch of Crazy Inflatable No 2...BIGBLOB!!

Born in 2009

Big Blob Play Inflatable 


NOW COMES: "BUG EYE!" born 2013

the latest crazy inflatable.. comes to an event near you!

BUg EyeBug Eye

bug eye swallows a childbug eye at rewind festival

And in 2015 another new one born:

Inflatable Flower Pot!

wacky inflatable flower pot inflatable flower




They are all NOT bouncy castles.. but if you want them we can get them and they compliment our play activities really well.. we cant do everything!


Leading the field in

Children's Entertainment



innocent drinks Fruitstock Festival, Regents Park
Spike being a crazy inflatable at the Innocent Drinks' Fruitstock Festival.

A Winner With all Ages...
Babies to Adults!

Children's Entertainment!

A Country Affair Craft Fair at Hampton Court
Spike in our big top at Hampton Court Craft Fair

Spike is a great event attraction for

Structured Sessions
or Free-Play...

Spike at Innocent Drink's Fruitstock Festival

Spike always need supervision
for safe play
but also
to protect
the power source
and the fan!


interactive play inflatables

Inflatables at the
Girl Guides Centenary Launch Party
at Crystal Palace

girl guides centenary launch party.crystal palace

Not Just an Inflatable!

Not even a Bouncy Castle!

Not just Children's Entertainment!

Not Just an Event Attraction!

Not Just a Crazy Inflatable!